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Toy Fox Terrier

The Toy Fox Terrier

Also known as the American Fox Terrier, this dog breed descends directly from the Fox Terrier. It has a distinct build, it is small but athletic and muscular in its appearance.The dog has a short and shiny coat, most of it is white. The Toy Fox Terrier exists in other variants of colors; the tricolor variant is of chocolate and white and tan. Another variant is black and white with no tan. This breed is similar to the Miniature Fox Terrier and weighs about 3.5 to 3.9 pounds. Discover more about our Toy Fox Terrier puppies for sale below!

The Toy Fox Terrier is one of the few breeds; a true ‘All American’, they are a product of crossing the small Smooth Fox Terriers with toy dogs like; the Chihuahuas and Manchester Terriers. Following the creation of this breed, hunting small game like squirrels was the major function of the Toy Fox Terriers, they also served as ratters on farms. Later on, circus performances incorporated the use of Toy Fox Terriers. The Toy Fox Terrier is an intelligent and agile dog, this propels them to perform superbly in circuses.

As stated earlier, the Toy Fox Terrier is an intelligent dog. They are responsive to many words. Their intelligence makes them relevant for circus performances and they cooperate with the clowns. They have a good sense of humor; making them an excellent companion choice. Older people would be lucky to have a Toy Fox Terrier as a pet because of its intelligence and humor, the playfulness and agility if the dog breed can be amusing to watch. The terrier shows loyalty and affection to its owners.

The Toy Fox Terrier is suitable for keeping indoors, It is a small dog and space wouldn’t pose a threat to its convenience. The Toy Fox Terrier doesn’t tolerate extremely cold weather. It is only fairly able to cope in hot environments.

Despite their small stature, moving around is important to keep the toy fox Terrier happy always. This reduces the frustration that they may take out on household items. The dog should work out regularly to maintain a medium amount of exercise at least.

Grooming the Toy Fox Terrier is quite easy. They have a short coat. They shed frequently so combing and brushing is necessary at least every three days to keep the coat free of dirt and to prevent skin infections. Regular cleaning of hidden parts of their body is essential; especially the ears and In between the paws.

Our Toy Fox Terrier puppies for sale come from either USDA licensed commercial breeders or hobby breeders with no more than 5 breeding mothers. USDA licensed commercial breeders account for less than 20% of all breeders in the country.

The unregulated breeders who are selling outside of the USDA regulations and without a license are what we consider to be “Puppy Mills.” We are committed to offering Toy Fox Terrier puppies who will grow up to become important members of your family. We only purchase puppies from the very best sources, and we stand behind every puppy we sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

They do not have any problem swimming, the toy fox terrier can learn to swim. However, it depends on your dog’s likes and dislikes. Just like some humans, swimming isn’t everyone’s favorite activity, the same applies to this breed of dog.

In dry form, an adult Toy Fox Terrier can consume a quarter to a half cup of feed a day. Feeding them twice a day is ideal.

A Toy Fox Terrier can grow as tall as 11inches and 7 pounds in weight. The Toy Fox Terrier is a small breed. However, it has a muscular physique.

The Toy Fox Terrier has a lifespan of 13 to 14 years. This is just the expected life span. Some dogs might exceed this limit if they are well taken care of.

This breed of dog is intelligent and agile. They make very good companions. They are attention-seeking and always want to please their owners they have a good temper.

A healthy breed would be lacking anything awkward about it physically; shiny coat well-groomed and void of dirt.

Neutering your dog is a responsibility for your doctor. However, dogs are safe for neutering once they become mature.

They are not aggressive. They are peaceful dogs that love to play and gave fun. However, they are not overly hyper like dogs their size usually are.

There is always a risk with dogs for people highly sensitive in their allergies. However, the dog is not likely to aggravate allergies given that the allergic person is not too sensitive.

This breed is not prone to any major health issues under normal circumstances proper grooming and feeding the Toy Fox Terrier is a very healthy breed.

The Toy Fox Terrier is a good choice for families without sufficient open space and still requires an active dog. Its size makes it suitable for an indoor pet. It is an intelligent and obedient breed.

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